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It's important to keep in mind that while you have the flexibility to activate and deactivate plans as you see fit, website projects are substantial and usually span several months for completion. The plan you select will dictate the level of support and the time we allocate, consequently influencing the timeline for website projects.

Next available opening will be April 2024. Express interest.

starter plan


per month, ex GST

Find new customers by tapping into a comprehensive range of essential skills to wildly improve your brand and marketing.
  • 1 project at a time
  • web development (allow 5 months)
  • photography and video
  • strategy
  • digital marketing
  • graphic design
  • paid ads management
  • search engine optimisation

growth plan


per month, ex GST

You'll feel like you've got a full agency team working with you, helping you achieve all of your brand and marketing goals.
  • Up to 2 projects at a time
  • web development (allow 4 months)
  • photography and video
  • strategy
  • digital marketing
  • graphic design
  • paid ads management
  • search engine optimisation
  • managed marketing plan

What's not included.

Website domain registration and hosting

Owning a website does come with some minor monthly or annual expenses, such as hosting fees and domain registration. If any of this seems unfamiliar, don't worry—I'll guide you through the process and ensure we select the most suitable tools for your business.

Advertising budgets

We're talking investments in advertising, such as Google Ads, Facebook, or Instagram ads. When we establish these accounts, you'll need to provide your credit card details if you intend to run ads. However, rest assured that one of the benefits of working with me is my expertise in determining the appropriate investment level for these channels to help you achieve your goals effectively.

Any third party software and accounts

One advantage of working with a contractor such as Clare Media is our access to a range of valuable tools, including design software, commercial music, design templates, and more. However, it's important to note that if your business requires a specific third-party account or product, it is not covered in your monthly package and must be paid for separately.

Other questions you may have.

How many support hours does each Bundle include?

You're not purchasing hours; you're investing in results. If at any point you feel less than thrilled with the outcomes relative to your investment, I encourage you to raise the concern immediately. I'll do my utmost to provide explanations and solutions, and you always have the option to adjust your plan or cancel it altogether if needed. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What do you mean by 'a project'?

It's a meaty thing you put focus into. This includes tasks like building a website, designing brochures, configuring your social ads account, arranging photoshoots, and setting up your email marketing, among other things.

If I multiply the website timeframe by the monthly bundle price for each level, the cost of the website isn't the same?

That's because with the Growth plan, we're usually juggling multiple projects simultaneously.

Can I finish up as soon as the website is complete?

Yes. But I expect you won't want to ;)

Can I choose what you do?

Absolutely, we will collaborate to identify and prioritize your business's needs. I'm here to offer my best guidance and support to help you achieve your goals and objectives effectively.

How does payment work?

Billing will occur on your monthly anniversary, until you cancel. Please note that GST will be added to the invoices. Payment is due within 14 days from the date of invoice receipt.

How do I cancel when the time comes?

Simply send me an email. However, we'll be in regular communication, so if you have any concerns or feel it's time to wrap things up, you can always discuss it with me directly. I'm here to make the process smooth and comfortable; there's no need to worry about awkwardness. That's not my style.

How much notice do I need to give?

We'll conclude the work for the current period, and there won't be any additional invoices afterward. It's worth noting that certain projects vary in size and complexity. For instance, if we're in the midst of a larger project like a series of videos that can't be finished within the current billing period, that may be delivered incomplete. Rest assured, our commitment is to always strive for the highest value and the best possible results with the time available. Your satisfaction remains our utmost priority.

How long do I have to use it for?

Literally as long as you like. I encourage you to continuously assess the outcomes and results in comparison to what you could achieve with that budget in-house or with other contractors or agencies.


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