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July 31 @ 4:25 am

You’ll learn how to do marketing in a smart way, so you can get better results with less effort. Join us for a marketing hackathon where we take 15 years of experience and pack it into one busy day of hands-on marketing for your business. You’ll leave with messages for your brand and the confidence to write them well. Tim will also teach you how to make a simple marketing plan that works. This is a fun, interactive workshop led by Tim Davies—author and owner of the marketing agency Clare Media. You’ll learn the systems Tim developed over 15 years working with hundreds of businesses.



A Single-Day Hackathon Split Into 3 Sessions

In Session 1: “Create Impactful Marketing Strategies” you’ll learn to strip away the noise and focus on what truly matters, aligning your efforts with your business goals.

Session 2: “Write Killer Marketing Copy” will transform you into a confident copywriter, breaking through clutter with compelling messages. Finally,

Session 3: “Create Less-is-more Marketing Plans” will guide you in crafting concise, effective plans that streamline your efforts and enhance outcomes. Each session ensures you leave with actionable strategies and repeatable processes tailored to your business needs.

Who Is It For

This hackathon is for anyone responsible for the marketing of a brand. I can guarantee you’ll leave the hackathon with insights and systems you want to put into the business immediately. So, for the hackathon to be most valuable you must have authority over the marketing decision-making.

You Can Expect

In short, you get shit done. You’ll be guided through each hackathon, and get immediate feedback and extra insights as you go, so you feel confident you’re heading in the right direction. A direction unique to your business’s DNA and goals. Expect nothing less than;

  • Lots of ah-ha moments.
  • This to be the most productive time you’ll spend on your brand & marketing this year (unless you did our brand hackathon – that session is game-changing).
  • Some big shifts in how you think about your business.
  • Massive value added to your business long-term.

About Each Session

Session 1:   Create Impactful Marketing Strategies

Arrive: ‘Doing marketing’ because you know you need ‘to do something’.

Leave: Ready to market with purpose, aligned to your goals.  

Do you want better marketing results? Stop doing things for the sake of it. Strip away the noise and focus on what matters. If you want to stop the shotgun approach and start marketing strategically, this is for you.

In this hackathon, you’ll learn how to write a marketing (or campaign) strategy specific to your business. Tim will work with a small group to re-frame marketing, for good. You’ll be guided through an activity you can use repeatedly to write your strategies that give you the clarity you’re looking for.

You’ll leave with a marketing strategy specific to your business. And the knowledge to repeat the process for future campaigns, product launches, seasonal changes, or business pivots.  

Session 2:  Write Killer Marketing Copy

Arrive: Stuck or struggling whenever you try to write marketing copy.

Leave: A confident copywriter where compelling copy free flows out of you.  

Do you want to break through the clutter and capture attention with compelling marketing copy? If you struggle to write engaging copy and want to change that forever …. this is for you.

In this hackathon, you’ll learn and apply two different frameworks to create marketing messaging for your brand or campaign.

You’ll leave with ready-to-use freshly written copy, specific to your business or campaign.  As well as the simple, repeatable frameworks you learn, which can be applied to any copywriting task in the future. Confident copywriting forever!. Yes, please!   

Session 3:  Create Less-is-more Marketing Plans

Arrive: Scattered or overwhelmed by how much there is to do. Leave: Confident to create concise, impactful marketing plans.   Do you want to spend less time marketing your business and simultaneously improve the results you’re getting? In this hackathon you’ll learn how to write a marketing plan (with a difference). Tim will you through activities to help you identify your priorities, clarify what marketing channels are important for your business now, and create a simple plan ready to action. You’ll leave with a marketing plan in hand and the ability to create plans that act as a shared playbook each month for whoever works on your marketing.

What To Bring

  • A laptop (Helpful, but not essential)

Not Included

  • Lunch (we’ll allow 30 mins for a lunch break – we’re a 1-minute walk from numerous options in Clare)


July 31
4:25 am


Tim Davies


Gleeson Collective, Clare
12 Gleeson St
Clare, SA 5453 Australia
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