Photography and Video Production.
Servicing Yorke and Mid-North, S.A.


I'm Tim. I've been shooting photo and video for around 8 years in a professional capacity. I've shot for hundreds of businesses throughout the country, mostly in the tourism industry. Since arriving in the Mid North S.A. I've also shot farming properties for families, many public events, and businesses in all industries.

shooting style

Two unique qualities define my approach: a background in marketing and branding, and extensive experience in both photography and videography within the same sessions. This balancing act requires distinct skills and equipment. Drawing from my branding expertise, I quickly assess clients' needs and tailor the style of photos or videos to represent them effectively and meet their expectations. Each shoot is distinct, but my shooting and editing proficiency, combined with top-notch gear, consistently delivers high-quality results.

who I'm the perfect choice for

If posed people photos are what you're after, I might not be the best choice. My specialty lies in capturing candid, in-the-moment shots that authentically document unfolding events. I excel at seamlessly blending into the situation, establishing rapport swiftly to put people at ease, and being in the perfect spot at the right time. This results in an abundance of compelling shots that truly capture the essence of real-life moments.