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In a world where you can be anything, be different

In brand and marketing, being different is crucial. Striving to be “better” often means blending in with the competition, but embracing uniqueness sets you apart.

Ryan Reynolds transformed Wrexham AFC by infusing his humor and personality, turning a small-town club into a global sensation.

Liquid Death marketed water with a rebellious punk rock attitude, making it a viral hit.

GoPro sold not just cameras, but adventurous lifestyles, turning customers into brand ambassadors.

These brands didn’t just aim to be better—they aimed to be different. In a crowded marketplace, different isn’t just better—it’s the key to success.

A career growing businesses, 15 years in marketing, programmer, photographer, and bona fide unicorn for ambitious small businesses.

Hi, I’m Tim Davies

As General Manager, I’ve lead a business to BRWs fastest companies list. I have a Bachelor of Technology and I’ve even written a book on Brand and Marketing Strategy.

I’ve worked with 100s of small businesses like yours. That’s probably why more than anything, I consistently hear ‘you just seem to get it’.

For more than 20 years I’ve been obesessed with what makes businesses grow.

I’ve pattern matched to recognise the things the best businesses do. Tested what I’ve observed and learned over many years, and created a completely unique approach to be able to apply it quickly and consistently well for any business.

We teach it, and apply it to the work we do with clients.

  • Owned Businesses Too
  • International Experience
  • 15 Years In Agencies
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